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Dispatch Services

Dispatch Services

The TUI Group Operation Centre provides a complete range of flight dispatch services to our customer airlines.

Thanks to its fully trained and licensed dispatchers, the GOC provides these services efficiently, economically and precisely. The high standard of training and education enables the TUI Group Operations Centre to offer more operational flexibility by pro-active dispatching. This directly converts into substantial economic customer benefits by decreasing operational costs, and significantly reducing fuel, flight-time and enroute charges.

The GOC offers computer-assisted flight planning and co-ordinates and optimizes aircraft routes, speed, fuel and flight plan calculations, pilot information and other flight related functions. Dispatch is also responsible for flight watch and in-flight analysis by constantly monitoring actual and planned flight positions.

ATC Slot Management
When operating in dense and complex airspace which is often regulated when demand exceeds airspace capacity, conflicts can arise with flight programmes and airlines’ on-time performance, especially when operating tight schedules with minimum turn around times. The GO Centre has acquired in-depth knowledge over many years in airspace management and air traffic management, giving it the know-how to optimise high levels of aircraft utilisation and on-time performance through a precise ATC slot management.

Flight Crew Briefing System
The GO Centre offers an enhanced crew briefing system, which is web based and produces a comprehensive set of flight-related briefing documents with worldwide coverage of weather and NOTAMS. It includes company procedures and bulletins as well as additional weather charts such as icing, turbulence, lightning, and cyclone information.

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