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Not only the constant economic pressures but also environmental issues force airlines to become increasingly energy efficient. TUI Group Operation Centre helps customers identify areas of possible improvement by maximising payload, reducing fuel consumption and optimising aircraft utilisation.

The TUI Group Operation Centre Flight Support provides customers with a variety of customised solutions designed to meet your operational requirements for Boeings and Airbus’s.

Takeoff & Landing Performance
The GO Centre’s aircraft performance engineers can equip your airline with the right solution for your type of operation. The GO Centre’s innovative take-off & landing performance software TOperf and LANDperf has been developed for paperless cockpit concepts, and supports laptop use in the cockpit. Our customers can also choose between the classic paper format of Special Take-Off Charts –STOC or Special Take-Off Graphs – STOG.

Aircraft Cruise Performance
Aircraft performance monitoring assists airlines in analysing actual in-flight data, such as thrust required, fuel flow and fuel mileage, to identify any anomalously high consumption figures in specific aircraft. ACARS enables the TUI Group APM service to instantly process aircraft data collected directly from the flight data recorder. Together with the possibility of providing relevant aircraft maintenance data, this opens up the option of taking advantage of favourable contingency fuel allowances by the authorities.

Airport & Route Analysis
The TUI Group Operations Flight Support can analyse the suitability of your operational requirements. We clarify runway dimensions, obstacle situation, pavement classification and ground facilities, etc. It also determines the most convenient routes with respect to all relevant regulations, economics and operational demands.

Weight and Balance
The GO Centre offers airlines an integrated Weight and Balance Software application, which is ideal for onboard laptop use, and works with interactive takeoff and landing software applications. The TUI Group Operations Centre Flight Support offers a variety of customised load & trim-sheets as well as AHM 560 for your particular aircraft types. This allows operators to efficiently plan loading procedures taking into consideration performance capabilities and limitations.

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