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Utilising our suite of integrated technology systems, the TUI Group Operations Centre provides support in all flight and ground operational activities ranging from flight watch to programme optimisation or decision support. The TUI Group Operations Centre can take on the burden of solving operational problems and provide clients with the information needed to enhance decision making.

Decision Support
Any flying programme is subject to a variety of disruptive factors that are of a technical, weather, ATC, airport, handling, regulatory or crew nature. TUI Group Operations Centre aims to solve all types of operational problems arising from these disruptive factors, so that our customers can meet their own targets and objectives.
The TUI Group Operations Centre closely monitors every leg of your day’s flying programme to ensure safety for all of your flights. Our professionally trained dispatchers and operations controllers evaluate the weather conditions and NOTAM reports at the departure airport, en-route, at the destination airport and at alternatives. Any condition that may affect flight safety or passenger convenience, or may severely impact the operations, are captured immediately. Alternative solutions are elaborated, evaluated and relayed to our customers.

Service Overview
  • Flight watch
  • Decision support
  • Subcharter solutions
  • ETS
  • Support in all specific local processes like CDM
  • Overflight permits and Traffic rights
  • Support in all general/global processes via IACA
  • Scheduling
  • Airport slot coordination
  • Passenger or load services
  • Etc.

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